Accessing The Land

So the first task we had was to create a way for us to access the land.  We purchased a beautiful but, wet piece of land in Trumbull, Ohio.  

This process was NOT  an easy task. 


With the help of good friends, the Trautman family got to work.  We started by marking the trees we wanted to remove with paint and started cutting. 



Northern Buckeye Lawn and Landscaping brought in some equipment to help us remove the stumps so we could avoid any plant life growing up through the driveway in the future.  Jarett hopped on the mini excavator and got to work.



Papa T drug the felled trees to a location so Brian and Wayne could continue to cut the trees to keep the process running smoothly. 



At this point, we were ready to lay the geogrid down that would hold our driveway in place, despite the wet conditions of the land.



After this, we built the driveway with rocks of size 3 and 4 and finished it with asphalt shavings.  The result is what you see in our videos today!


This is a very brief overview.  If you have further questions, email us at!  We are glad to give you the information we have on the project!

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  • These guys are good down to earth people. Good raw footage of a family developing a dream piece of property. There truly building some good ol days. Best of luck 3T


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