Beaver Adventures

The land we introduced you to in "Accessing the Land" sits extremely wet.  While building the driveway, we realized that this was a simple problem with a complex solution.  Not only do we need to manage the flow of water through the property, we had to handle something else that was causing huge backups of the local rivers in the area.  We had to handle the beaver.

The beaver population in this location is absolutely out of control.  They are actively turning beautiful rivers into bogs and swamps.  On our land, it was no different; we had to gain control of our river again. 

 Luckily, as always, Papa T did a good amount of trapping years back and he was eager to teach his sons.  We set out with our single 330 and two 220s and set some traps on an active hut.  We documented our whole experience and you can view it in the video below.  

 So we gave it our best effort and it paid off the very next day.  Now we were confident with the knowledge we gathered.  We went out the and immediately purchased six more 330 conibears from Western Rivers Outdoors.  We landed on Duke Traps and they did NOT disappoint.  

Now we had our traps but we still had a problem, we only were trapping one side of the river because the water levels were too high.  We had already purchased the traps, and plenty of beaver still to catch.  After brainstorming for a bit, we decided to tear down a dam even though we new it was going to get rebuilt.  We did this for two reasons.

  1. We needed to lower the water levels.
  2. We needed to be able to see the bank dens, it was too hard to use feel to find all the holes in the side of the bank.

We documented our experience along the way in the video below. 

 So as you can see above, we have consistently pulled beaver out of the river since we have started.  We have leveraged nothing more then simple fence sets.  We scout the beaver and understand their habits.  We funnel them into our traps as demonstrated in the videos. We aren't done with trapping season yet, and we plan to see it through, but we are comfortable with the statement that we have gained control of our portion of the river now.  This will make managing the water flow much easier moving forward. Keep checking back as we plan to continue to post on our experiences on Triple T and beyond! 

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