Managing the Water on the Property

So now that we had access to the land and the beaver population under control, it was time to start trying to manage the water.   Triple T sits extremely wet.  As you can see from the video I recorded during the winter months, we had a lot of water to deal with.


So we started the slow process of draining the land.  We started with draining the worst spot of the driveway.  As you can see from the video below, we had to create a place for the water to go. 


Once we created a small ditch to hold the water, we started draining some of the lower spots with standing water to the local creek that runs through the land.  We decided it would be best to drain the lower spots first and work our way up to the higher spots. 


Now that we had the lower spot draining, we could dig a ditch from behind the tent over to the lower wet area.  We really wanted to get that water draining as it sits right next to camp and the mosquitoes get out of control. 


With a ditch dug to the lower area, we then set in the culvert for the wet spot on the driveway.  We have dug out both sides of the culvert for the time being.  Eventually we will be digging a ditch from the culvert to the low area as well.  You can see the culvert in place in this video we made explaining the geogrid product we used on the second half of the driveway which I will explain in greater detail in a future post. 


To see the final result of the water management to date, please take a look at the video below.  The culvert is now buried under the second part of the driveway and you can see that the water is flowing nicely from the back where a camper now sits instead of our tent!


Keep checking back as we have much more to do and I will be posting updates to the blog from time to time as we keep moving forward with our projects on Triple T!

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